Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 2 – Day of the Moon.

Saturdays, BBC 1.


After last week’s strong start I was hoping that this week’s episode would be an equally strong episode to complete the two-part story. I sat down to watch it expecting answers to at least some of the questions raised by The Impossible Astronaut, more brilliance from Canton Everett Delaware III, and more scares from The Silence. I was certainly not disappointed. I can’t begin to write about all the parts I’d like to talk about, so I’ve picked just a few.

Jump around.
Day of the Moon was definitely an episode you had to pay attention to. I watched the set up where Canton “killed” Amy, Rory and River and delivered them to the special prison that was being built around the Doctor wondering what the twist was going to be – whilst I didn’t expect them to be dead I didn’t also expect it to be an elaborate hoax that took advantage once more of the TARDIS’s ability to be invisible. The following sequences where story threads appeared to be left unfinished but were then woven in later made sense by the end of the episodes but a couple of times the seemingly abrupt move between threads did feel a little jarring.

Continuing creepiness.
I expected to be scared once more by the Silence and I absolutely was. The scene where Amy was exploring the children’s home left me tempted to grab a cushion in case it got any scarier. Added to this was the new scare that came in the shape of the woman in the door who then disappeared. Her appearance was enough to make me feel nervous about her whereabouts. I’m assuming that the fact that she never reappeared means she must be coming back in another episode.

Brilliant Canton.
I am sure that Mark Sheppard’s Canton Delaware will now be making his way onto many fans’ wishlists for returning characters. I loved the way the balance was kept between him getting involved and him still being wowed by the new things he was being introduced to. I would definitely be very happy to see him aboard the TARDIS in the future.

The end may be a beginning.
Once the storyline with the Silence was finished (though I’m not sure they’re done quite yet) it was nice to see that Steven Moffat wasn’t going to let the episode fade to an end. From River’s realisation that her kiss with the Doctor was his first, to Amy revealing that whilst she had thought she was pregnant she wasn’t (though the scan done by the TARDIS seems unsure on that matter) and then the final revelation that the little girl has the ability to regenerate it felt like the last few scenes were all pointing out that this series is one great long story.

Whilst some of my questions from The Impossible Astronaut were answered I thing I ended up with even more by the end of Day of the Moon. I’m more than willing to just sit back and trust Steven Moffat to fix everything in my head at some point either this series or some time in the hopefully not to distant future.

What did you think? Who do you think the little girl is? Where do you think this series is going?



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