Doctor Who Series 6 – Just 24 hours to go.

With just twenty four hours to go until the start of the new series of Doctor Who I thought it was time that I had a think about what I am most looking forward to. I’m a bit of a spoilerphobe so I’ve not been seeking out information about the series, though as a keen follower of a number of Doctor Who and general geeky blogs and a Doctor Who Magazine subscriber I have managed to absorb enough information to be feeling really excited.

There seems to me to be a whole lot to be getting excited about, though for me the main things are:

  • The two-part opening – for the first time since Doctor Who returned to our screens in 2005 the series will open with a two-part story. All the reports from the press screening have been excellent, and it boasts some great guest stars (I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been waiting for the brilliant Mark Sheppard to turn up) and the return of fan favourite River Song. Add in the backdrop of US location filming and I can’t wait to get watching.
  • The mid season finale – this year we’re getting Doctor Who in two sections, seven episodes now and then the remaining six in the autumn. Whilst the idea of having to wait for half of the series doesn’t excite me (once it starts I know I’m going to want to see it all) the idea of a cliffhanger worthy of a mid season break does make me think that it’ll be worth it.
  • Pirates – the idea of a pirate themed episode fills me with glee, adding Hugh Bonneville to the cast list is just the icing on the cake.
  • Neil Gaiman – like many I love Neil Gaiman’s writing and am thrilled that he has written an episode for the new series. I have really high hopes for it.

It wouldn’t be right to finish this post without acknowledging what a sad week this has been for Doctor Who fans. The news on Tuesday evening that the wonderful Elisabeth Sladen had died left me both shocked and saddened. Like many I was new to Doctor Who when it returned in 2005 but by the end of the episode School Reunion I could understand the love long term fans had for her and her character Sarah Jane Smith. I was really pleased when Sarah Jane got her own series, and enjoyed every episode. Fans Tony Lee and Susie Day, and the children who’ve posted on the Newsround story say it better than I possibly could.

I’ll be back every week with my thoughts on the latest episode.



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