Being Human Series 3 Episode 8 – Wolf Shaped Bullet.

Sundays, 9pm, BBC Three.


And now the time has come for me to write my final Being Human post of the series. I feel quite sad about this, but at the same time excited to attempt to wrap up another fantastic episode. I’m giving up on all attempts to summarise an episode succinctly, there was just too much going on.

The episode opened with Mitchell locked up in a police cell trying to convince Annie that him being locked up is a bad thing. George arrived at the police station only to be told there was no admittance to the public. Mitchell told Annie that the werewolf bullet was a punishment for his rescuing her, and that he made the choice to risk it so he could be with her. Herrick arrived in his newly acquired police uniform and got Mitchell out of the cell, having killed anyone in his way. He promised to tell Mitchell how he escaped the werewolf attack but then knocked him out.

Tom arrived back at the B&B to find the seen of Herrick’s killings, and raised the alarm. Nina was still alive and rushed to hospital in a critical condition. Annie found a ghost police officer, as she started to explain death to him his corpse reanimated and sang nursery rhyme style that she must return to purgatory to save Mitchell, when the police officer’s door appeared she walked through it with him. Tom found a note written by McNair explaining who and what Herrick is and what he had tried to do. In the letter he explained he wanted Tom to have a different life, an ordinary life, a human life. Instead of listening to McNair’s insistence that he should not attempt to avenge his death Tom resharpens his stake and sets off in pursuit of Herrick.

Annie wandered the corridors of purgatory before Lia found her, it was Lia who sent the message via the police officer’s corpse. She showed Annie a tv screen which is displaying footage of Mitchell trapped in the fight club cage by Herrick and he was starting to explain his master plan; killing all of the werewolves and then moving onto the ghosts. Mitchell explained that he knows he needs to side with Herrick, that neither Annie or George can help him now. Herrick shouted for George to be delivered into the cage and Annie realised that George was to be the werewolf who killed Mitchell, she asked Lia to stop it but she refused. Herrick told George that Mitchell was responsible for the murders, but it wasn’t news to George. Growing increasingly desperate Annie pleaded with Lia, she revealed that the wolf shaped bullet was all a lie, but Mitchell has fulfilled the prophecy of his own accord. Herrick continued to try to goad George into fighting Mitchell, he revealed Mitchell encouraged him back into being a vampire and that once he was back he had killed McNair and then Nina. George does then turn on Mitchell, fighting him as Herrick had hoped. As Mitchell realised it would be George who killed him Tom arrived and the four ended up in a stand off, resulting in no one being killed.

Mitchell tricked Herrick into releasing them, telling told George he would kill Herrick once he had his answer. George told Mitchell he was no longer his friend, and set him after Herrick. After watching all this Annie began to wonder why Lia brought her back to purgatory, eventually realising she was there to hurt Mitchell the most. Annie pointed out that through Lia’s actions she wasn’t just hurting Mitchell but hurting George too, taking everything he loves away from him. Lia realised she needed to let Annie go back, but revealed how lonely she is, as a parting gift Annie told her to go and find Gilbert. Annie returned to Nina and helped her to come back to life. George and Tom arrived to see Annie sitting with her.

Herrick and Mitchell drove to the sea. Herrick began to tell Mitchell how he survived George’s werewolf attack but Mitchell stopped him, no longer wanting to know. Herrick began to plan where they were moving on to. Mitchell first showed Herrick how beautiful the world was, when Herrick started to pontificate about how the world would soon be theirs Mitchell pointed out it always was, and staked Herrick, killing him once and for all.

A man dressed in black led a group of similarly sinister men into the police station. He played a recording of Mitchell’s arrest before sacking all of the men and women in the office. When questioned, he explained that he was Wyndham, from Head Office.

Back at the B&B Annie was reading the newspaper to George, a random man has been framed for all of the massacres. Nina was back, her werewolf side having allowed her to heal quickly, and the baby was continuing to grow at a rapid rate. Mitchell arrived back at the B&B wanting George to kill him so he can not kill again. When Nina challenged him he explained George had to do it so that he regained his moral sense. George didn’t think he could kill him but the girls tried to encourage him, knowing that when and if Mitchell killed again they’d be partly responsible by letting him go. Mitchell tried everything he could to manipulate George into killing him, finally resorting to pleading with him to end the fear he was living with. Just as George was about to stake him Wyndham arrived and interrupted. Mitchell explained Wyndham was one of the old ones. Wyndham wanted to take Mitchell with him to do his bidding, to be his attack dog and explained that the day Mitchell refused he would kill George and Nina. Whilst he was pontificating George picked the stake back up, whirling and stabbing Mitchell to prevent him having to go through with Wyndham’s evil plans. George, Nina and Annie turned to face Wyndham with George getting the final words of the series “I think you’ve got a fight on your hands”.

I found the episode a real emotional rollercoaster of an episode, the final scene in the B&B was particularly charged. My favourite things were:

  • George – George went on a huge journey through the episode, from going to try and get Mitchell out of his police cell to ultimately killing him to save him from a life he didn’t want. Russell Tovey was brilliant throughout.
  • Annie and Lia – I loved the scenes between the two ghosts, they were quiet yet emotionally charged and wonderfully acted.
  • Wyndham – Herrick’s death was a loss, it had been a real pleasure seeing him return to his evil best. Wyndham looked like an excellent replacement.
  • Mitchell – I couldn’t possible miss out mentioning Mitchell, I shall be sad to see him go. Aidan Turner’s portrayal of the guilt ridden vampire was excellent, no wonder he’s off to New Zealand to be a Dwarf.

I feel like my weekly summary posts have been a little like a love letter to Being Human, they’ve been filled with such glowing praise for the series. It really deserves it though, for the last 8 weeks the Being Human team have delivered 8 fantastic episodes that have kept me glued to my tv. My Sunday evenings are going to have a Being Human shaped hole in them now.



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