Being Human Series 3 Episode 7 – Though The Heavens Fall.

Sundays, 9pm, BBC Three.


The build up to this penultimate episode of this series of Being Human promised lots, I couldn’t wait to sit down and watch it.

The episode opened with a flashback featuring Herrick and McNair at another werewolf fight club. The human McNair had killed the werewolf put in the cage with him, but not before it had scratched and infected him. Back in the present Annie had become obsessed with trying to solve the train massacre and Mitchell was trying everything he could think of to persude her to leave it alone. Nancy discovered that Daisy died in the 1940s and tried to convince her boss, Cooper, to let her continue investigating Mitchell on the basis of the dossier of clippings but he told her it was not sufficient evidence. Herrick continued to tell Nina how confused he was about, and admitted he had showed Nancy the dossier to help justice be done.

McNair and Tom arrived with McNair carrying a nasty wound to his leg caused by vampires seeking vengeance for the deaths after the dog fight. McNair was curious why Nina and George haven’t also been attacked, but suggested it was because Mitchell was with them. McNair could sense that something had changed within the house, he decided he and Tom would stay for a little while. Annie continued to try and justify all of Mitchell’s actions, after hearing about the dossier she decided it must be because he was investigating Daisy’s crimes himself. When Mitchell got back to find the werewolf count in the house had doubled he returned to his efforts to get Herrick to tell him the secret of how he survived George’s werewolf attack. Annie explains her theory to Nina and George leaving Nina wondering about what Herrick told her.

Nancy returned to talk to Mitchell, he explained that Graham had made the dossier thinking he would be impressed by it but he was repulsed by it so had burnt it. He tried to explain away Daisy’s death in 1941 by explaining she was a fantastist, Nancy remains unconvinced. Nancy tried to talk to Herrick but he wasn’t listening instead entranced by her neck, realising what was happening Mitchell narrowly saved her from being killed. Whilst there Nancy had taken a glass that she’d made sure Mitchell touched, Cooper summonsed her to tell her what the analysis had shown. Annie went along with her to hear that Mitchell’s prints were found in the train carriage. Cooper enquired about what other evidence Nancy had before hitting her. He revealed that he was a vampire and as such there was no way that Mitchell would ever be found guilty. As he was about to turn Nancy into a vampire Annie staked and killed him.

Tom, Nina and George left to transform in the woods. Mitchell returned to the B&B to find it deserted, McNair was hiding and headed upstairs to where Herrick was hidden. McNair revealed his plan to kill both Herrick and Mitchell, wanting to add their fangs to his collection that already includes Daisy. McNair transformed and pounced on Herrick but he raised the knife he’d been hiding and stabbed McNair. Mitchell returned home the next day to find McNair dead on Herrick’s floor. A distraught Annie challenged Mitchell and made him finally tell her the truth, she told him he had to give himself up. Nancy and a bunch of armed police storm the house, Annie persuaded him to give up and eventually he did. When Nancy went to the attic to check on ‘Uncle Billy’ she spotted McNair’s body and then Herrick attacked her.

Nina and George went to get the baby checked following another transformation, the doctor suggested Nina was more like 16 weeks along rather than 8 due to the size of her bump. George had researched wolf pregnancies and discovered that they’re shorter. They arrived home to find the B&B wrapped in police incident tape and Nina confessed what she has done. George immediately realised the ramifications of Mitchell’s arrest and went to try and get him out of the police station. Nina went into the B&B to find it a wreck, Herrick appeared dressed in a police uniform and revealed he now remembered everything, including what George did to him. Deperate for revenge on George he stabbed Nina and left her slumped to the floor.

This was another brilliant episode from the Being Human team. I was glued to my telly for the whole episode. Before I list my favourite bits of the episode, I must first mention my one let down from it. The scene when McNair went to challenge Herrick, the man responsible for his werewolf condition, was brilliant in how it built up but then McNair’s death was rather weak. I loved the character and feel very sad that he was killed off, but if he had to go I do wish he’d had a better death.

Thinking about my favourite bits, this week I loved:

  • Annie – Lenora Critchlow continues to be brilliant as Annie, the emotional journey she went on throughout this episode was wonderfully done.
  • McNair and Tom – I’ve already mentioned how much I loved McNair, I really enjoyed the return of the werewolf pair in this episode.
  • Herrick – The evil, blood thirsty, vindictive Herrick has finally returned and in wonderful style.

The cliffhangers from the end of this episode have left me really looking forward to Sunday’s finale. There are so many questions that need answers, will we get them all?



2 thoughts on “Being Human Series 3 Episode 7 – Though The Heavens Fall.

  1. I still haven’t recovered from watching this last night – was literally on the edge of my seat all the way through! Like you I am a bit disappointed at McNair’s exit, but that’s my only caveat. I can’t wait for the finale!

    • Sunday can’t come soon enough. But then again once it comes that’s the end of the series and my Sunday nights will be boring once more. Hard choice!

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