Being Human Series 3 Episode 5 – The Longest Day.

Sundays, BBC Three, 9pm.


My expectations for this week’s episode of Being Human were high, various places previewing it as being the best episode yet helped to build the sense of anticipation. Knowing as well that there were some great guest stars and we were finally going to be finding out what happened to Herrick meant I sat down to watch the episode with a real sense excitement.

The episode began with George discovering that Herrick was currently a psychiatric patient in the hospital. Panic stricken at seeing the vampire he’d killed now alive and kicking George called in Nina to help, together they smuggle him out of the hospital under the lie that Herrick is actually Nina’s Uncle Billy. When they got him back to the B&B they summoned Mitchell from his continued brooding in the attic, after staring at Herrick in shock Mitchell snaps and attempts to stake him before Nina stops him.

Whilst tensions are still running sky high the doorbell goes, Annie investigates and decides that the woman standing on the doorstep must be a social worker. Nina takes the opportunity to move Herrick to safety, leaving the others to deal with Wendy, a community psychiatric nurse. The foursome attempt to bluff their way though, whilst they make tea they have a tense pow wow about what to do with Herrick, Mitchell is convinced Herrick is hiding behind a well constructed act whereas the girls think he’s come back cured. When Herrick discovers he has no reflection it certainly seems to be that they might be right. Herrick runs away to the attic and Mitchell panics that someone is going to come across the dossier linking him to the train massacre.

Just when it’s all getting completely tense another arrival comes in the shape of Cara, the vampire who raised Herrick (along with Daisy). She’s distraught at Herrick’s absence, and the fact that since he came back he doesn’t know who she is or what he is, Mitchell sees this as a chance to find out how, as he sees it, Herrick survived George’s werewolf attack so he has a plan for after he’s been attacked by the ever present wolf shaped bullet. Annie lets slip to Cara that Herrick is there in the B&B, she races to see him and distraught at the way he reacts to her she stakes herself. Nina blackmails Wendy into leaving them alone by threatening to complain about the over worked and over stressed nurse’s incompetency (when in fact there is no trace of Uncle Billy because there are no records for him).

Mitchell, in his angst / guilt / anger / fear tells Annie there can be no them, leaving her distraught. Nina tries to challenge Mitchell over his plan to kill Herrick, he becomes convinced that she will be the wolf shaped bullet. He runs off to take care of Herrick, but George’s been spending time with Herrick and is less convinced that killing him is the right decision so he decides to protect him. Mitchell and George argue, with George taking the higher ground and explaining that whilst Mitchell is the best friend he’s ever had he can not condone the plan of killing Herrick and will remove Mitchell from his life if he goes through with it.

Herrick starts to show more and more glimpses of the old Herrick, though is this his careful cover slipping, or personality traits that he had showing through. Annie becomes convinced that he is the old Herrick and tries to persuade Mitchell to let her do the deed. Herrick discovers the dossier and shows it to Nina. Scared by the fact that this seems to confirm all her fears about Mitchell she sneaks out and makes a phone call to the anonymous hotline set up for the train massacre. The episode ends with Mitchell sitting down in front of Herrick and beginning to tell him who he is.

There were so many brilliant bits about this episode – so much is happening in the episodes that I’m giving up on summarising them in a succinct manner, but my absolute favourite bits were:

  • Quick thinking Nina – here is a character who works so well under pressure, we saw it in Lia too, she can talk her way out of any situation and makes me laugh whilst she is doing it.
  • Cara – the way she talked about Herrick, and then her visible pain when he didn’t recognise her again was touchingly done. I found myself feeling sympathetic for a character I’d never considered it being possible to feel for.
  • Mitchell’s descent – episode by episode Mitchell is becoming more and more taken over by his fear of the prophecy coming true. In this episode this descent really kicks up a pace forcing Mitchell to act against his friends and to move to darker places.
  • Herrick – by the end of the episode I had as many questions as I had started with. Is it all an act? Does he actually not remember? Are his memories starting to return?
    • I thought this was a fantastic episode. Packed with action yet contained within the B&B for almost the entire episode, it was a tightly scripted and staged episode. It really feels like everything has kicked up another notch or two – I think we’re in for quite a ride in the final three episodes of the series.



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