Being Human Series 3 Episode 4 : The Pack.

Sundays, BBC Three, 9pm.


When the credits rolled at the end of last night’s episode it took a couple of minutes for me to be able to gather my thoughts. My first thought of “Wow, another great episode” was rapidly followed by the thought “how on earth am I going to summarise all of that?!”

Never one to back down from a challenge, here goes. I apologise in advance for how long winded this is going to be – feel free to skip ahead to my favourite things about the episode!

We started the episode with McNair and his son Tom, and learnt that Tom was born a werewolf, and Mrs McNair was no longer alive. George and Nina went looking for Tom hoping he could tell them what happened when two werewolves made a baby werewolf. McNair hid Tom away and claimed to know nothing. After Mitchell had mistakenly attacked Tom thinking he was a burglar, McNair and Mitchell re-established their species’ mutual distrust and dislike. Nina and George tried to keep the peace, they still didn’t know what was going to happen to the wolfbaby or Nina during the imminent full moon, and insisted on Tom getting proper medical attention at the hospital. Whilst Nina started to suspect all was not quite as McNair had told Tom, Mitchell went to investigate McNair’s van and discovered his vampire hunting stuff. In anger he turned to Richard and Emma, Adam’s failed foster parents, and offered them McNair’s location so that they could restart the fight club we first saw in episode 1. Nina’s suspicions were all founded, Tom is not McNair’s son and he wasn’t born a werewolf – realising everything he knew was a lie (in fact it was McNair who turned Tom) he returned to the van getting ready to leave, closely followed by Nina and George and they were all kidnapped for the fight club. Mitchell had an attack of conscience, and went with Annie and McNair to save the day resulting in a huge fight and the death of Richard. Too late to escape the full moon, Annie and Mitchell locked themselves in the cage and waited out the night until the four werewolves all returned to their human selves.

Whilst all the werewolfy stuff was going on Annie and Mitchell weren’t idle. They continued to explore their new relationship, trying to find a way that they could make it work. When Annie realised she could experience sensations by using a human conduit they went out to find a suitable woman, but Mitchell reverted to type and realised that sex for him is about power and violence and that pursuing a physical relationship with Annie wasn’t going to work. They’ll carry on with the kissing though.

Phew. I think that covers most of the action… Onto my favourite things:

  • McNair – I never expected to find any role Robson Green played attractive, but there’s something rather fabulous about McNair. I’m loving the character, and the way Green is playing him – it’s a different sort of role for him and he seems to be relishing it.
  • Effects – Werewolf effects are always difficult to get right, I find they’re often the supernatural effects I find the least convincing. With each series Being Human is getting the werewolves better and better, last night they were their best yet. McNair’s partial transformation was particularly well done.
  • Annie – In an episode that was so werewolf filled Annie could easily have faded into the background. Instead she had more brilliant moments, her list of things to try with Mitchell left me laughing long and hard.
  • Herrick – And of course, the final scene where we see that Herrick is alive but seemingly institutionalised was the icing on what had already been an excellent cake.

I thought it was another brilliant episode, and I can’t wait to see what next week will bring.



3 thoughts on “Being Human Series 3 Episode 4 : The Pack.

  1. Yes, a great episode. I actually like Robson Green (he was great in Wire in the Blood), and think he’s really good as MacNair. I’m a bit confused regarding Annie’s physicality – if she can hug and kiss Mitchell, how come they can’t do…er, other stuff?

    • Good question on Annie. I think she can only do sort of surface touching hence she can make endless cups of tea, iron newspapers etc. I don’t think she gets any sensory feedback though from it though.

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