My TV week


Confession time: I love Lark Rise to Candleford. Yes, it’s incredibly twee, and no, nothing much happens, but it’s just so soothing. Everything’s golden in Lark Rise (even though they’re all terribly poor). Having said that, I’m not sad that this series is the last – I think it’s run its course, and I’m finding Dorcas Lane monumentally irritating. Still, I’ll miss it’s bucolic charms and ability to lift my ‘end of weekend’ gloom. Being Human provides something of a contrast – I’m loving this third series so far (and I’m also loving Jenni’s weekly reviews :)).


I’m still watching Glee, although I’m afraid I can’t summon the enthusiasm to write a full review each week any more (as you may well have noticed. Ahem). I enjoyed the Duets episode (Will: “What’s a duet?” Brittany: “A blanket”), and this week’s Rocky Horror one was entertaining, song-wise, but from a plot point of view…pfft. I caught the first episode of Outcasts, the Beeb’s new sci fi series but have yet to see the second – read Jenni’s review here (I agree with everything she says).


CSI, again, of course. Last week’s episode, with a pvc-gimp-suited serial killer storyline that was gratuitously unpleasant and is clearly to be continued, was really disappointing. This week’s was better (no gimpery) but I’m not sure how much longer this show will be a ‘must see’ for me. I caught up with last week’s Brothers & Sisters, and spent most of that hour shouting at the telly. For some reason Norah is poor and in need of a job. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CANCER CENTRE? She and Sarah (and Kevin) ponder getting some cosmetic surgery. BLAAAH. Holly can’t remember who Rebecca is. WHY DOES HOLLY TALK LIKE THAT IT’S SO ANNOYING GAH WHY DIDN’T THEY JUST KILL HER OFF?* So far, this season has been a bit pants (and HOW schmaltzy was the end of the first episode? “Oh, we’re a bit sad that Robert is dead but he’s been more or less dead for, like, a whole year so we’ve had time to get used to the idea, let’s all laugh about the good times and hug each other”)…..but at least Crap Walker’s not turned up yet.**

*Nepotism, perhaps? **Tommy. And yes I know he’ll turn up like a bad smell soon.


I was really looking forward to The Big C, and happily the first episode (yes, I know I’m a week behind) lived up to my expectations. Laura Linney plays Cathy Jamison, a 42 year old teacher diagnosed with terminal skin cancer. She decides to make the most of the time she has left, and this first episode saw her getting a pool installed in her tiny front garden, ordering “desserts and liquor” in a restaurant and pretending to be dead in the bath to get back at her son (the little shit had pretended to chop his finger off). Interestingly she decides not to tell her family about her diagnosis (although she comes close to telling her brother). Linney is excellent, and the script is spikily funny. I’m really looking forward to watching episode 2.


5 thoughts on “My TV week

  1. Jenni, do give The Big C a go, it’s very good.

    I’m always tempted to watch Glee again when I see the ad for it and the cheerleader confesses she thought the boy in the wheelchair was a robot. Then I remember I don’t really like it when you lot complain about it on Twitter!

  2. I agree that The Big C is brilliantly written, darkly funny quality TV. Shame there’s a “save the fat girl” sub plot (which I will keep ranting about online until they change it! So probably forever, sigh) but it is otherwise very good. I’m behind with it too, though.

    I loved the Britney Spears ep of Glee and was going to keep watching it with downgraded expectations (they’ve given up on plots, haven’t they?) but I hated the Grilled Cheesus ep so much, I’ve been boycotting. Curiosity will probably bring me back eventually, though. I want to see the one with Gwyneth Paltrow.

    HATING B&S (no need for that ampersand hahahaha!) lately. Still watching it, but starting to hate myself for it. I suspect it might be put out of its misery after this series, n’est-pas?

    PS: Did you see The Good Wife? Michael J Fox was *fabulous*.

    • Yeah, that Big C sub-plot is a negative point.

      Grilled Cheesus really pissed me off too. I’ll keep watching but not with any great degree of attention, unless it gets better (much like B&S!).

      I did see Michael J Fox in The Good Wife, he was brilliant. Have you read his autobiography? So good.

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