Being Human Series 3 Episode 3 : Type 4.

Sundays, BBC Three, 9pm.


Another week, another episode of Being Human and another supernatural treat.

This week saw the introduction of a new type of supernatural being, a zombie. After seeing Sasha come to on the autopsy table we next saw her staggering drunkenly out of a nightclub. She spotted Annie on one of her late night walks and followed her home, shouting abuse with every step. This lead to the B&B turning into the guest house for “differents” once again, whilst Annie and Mitchell tried to find a way to get rid of her. Investigation at the hospital found that it was their fault that she existed – whilst Mitchell was rescuing Annie from purgatory no doors were appearing for the dead to cross over. The hospital had experimented on their undead but Sasha had managed to escape. Feeling guilty they couldn’t possibly get rid of her, so Annie had a new pet project. After an unpleasant run in with Sasha’s far from grieving boyfriend, Annie and Nina took her for a girls night out when death finally began to catch up with her, leading to some surprisingly touching death bed scenes. Whilst all this was going on Mitchell had to stop a vampiric “fang boy” stalker from re-enacting his infamous train massacre, George and Nina discovered they were going to have a baby, and Mitchell finally cottoned on to Annie’s true feelings for him.

Whilst this was a fairly stand alone episode, it continued with some of the themes already seen this series and furthered established storylines. My favourite moments were:

  • Mitchell and George’s discussion about Annie – I love the interaction between these two, and it was nice to see Mitchell being the unsure one.
  • Sasha – I found Sasha to be thoroughly irritating, just like so many girls I know like her. Her real lack of awareness of what had happened to her, and her continued belief in her appeal to men made me smile. I found her last few scenes very touching, and liked the way they showed that there was more to her than the image she liked to project.
  • The music – one of my favourite things about Being Human is the way they use music, this episode was brilliant for it.
  • Consequences – Being Human is brilliant about showing that people’s actions have consequences, this happened again this week as Mitchell and Annie realised that his heroic rescue had come at a price.

Three episodes in and I’m as hooked as ever. There’s still been no sign of Herrick, and I think we’re due for a little more time with McNair and son – it sounds like the series is only going to continue on it’s brilliant run.



3 thoughts on “Being Human Series 3 Episode 3 : Type 4.

  1. Great review Jenni! I am really loving this series so far – certainly much more than series 2. I think the humour has been brilliant, and I’m really looking forward to the reappearance of McNair and son next week.

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