Being Human Series 3 Episode 2 : Adam’s Family.

Sundays, BBC Three, 9pm.


After a brilliant series opener last week I was interested to see how it would be followed up this week. Never in a million years did I imagine the brilliantly disturbing episode we got! They packed a huge amount into the hour again, and we didn’t set eyes on McNair and son all episode.

To summarise, this was primarily an episode about vampires. Nina and George came across Adam, a 46 year old vampire in a 16 year old body. His parents have kept him protected since he was turned, and provided him with enough blood to keep him going. His mother is already dead and his father dies during this episode so our favourite foursome take him in until they can work out what to do with him. At the same time Mitchell is approached by Richard, who offers him a way out of the country – the vampiric Old Ones want him to disappear whilst the attention on his train massacre dies down. Unable to cope with Adam they decide to take him to Richard to look after, but George and Nina get a cold welcome, and are shocked to discover that Richard’s brilliant plan to keep him and his wife Emma from feeding on humans is to keep a pet human to provide their own supply of blood. Their current pet is known as Number 7, his predecessors lie one after the other in a graveyard in the garden. After leaving Adam in their care George and Nina slowly realise that all was not right and dash back to Penarth to rescue him only to find the house full of individuals engaging in all manners of sex acts and vampire orgies. Adam makes the decision to leave with them and Richard and Emma suggest this isn’t the last we’ve seen of them. Mitchell finally comes through and gives Adam the guidance he needs to live his life and he leaves on a train to find his own way. Whilst all this has been going on Annie has been finding her feet again as Mitchell’s “guardian angel”, complete with wanting to iron his newspaper like she saw on The House Of Eliot and helping him through his job interview at the hospital.

My favourite bits this week were:

  • The humour – this week’s episode had humour running throughout it, George did particularly well again with the funny lines and Russell Tovey’s delivery of them was fantastic.
  • More great guest stars – I love Mark Lewis Jones so it was great to see him, and I think the role of Emma has allowed Melanie Walters to break out of the role of Gwen from Gavin and Stacey forever more!
  • Mitchell and Annie – the interaction between these two is wonderful, I loved that we got to see both the funny side of the pairing and the quieter scene on the promenade.

This episode was full top brimming with humour and darkness, and tended towards the downright disturbing in such a fantastic way. I felt this was another brilliant episode, I have high hopes that this level of quality is maintained throughout the series!



4 thoughts on “Being Human Series 3 Episode 2 : Adam’s Family.

  1. I agree, I thought it was a fab episode. My favourite line was Nina’s “George! You’re chit chatting with a GIMP!” πŸ˜‰

    And what’s going on behind that biohazard tape at the hospital? Intriguing…..

  2. Well at least we know what’s behind the bio hazard tape now. Teenage Vamps and Zombies, p….lease! Come on writers, what’s going on. It started out well with Annie being rescued and Mitchell having to face up to the train killing frenzie … is every episode going to be about the housemates babysitting waifs and strays? Come on, lets get on with the action, when are the other two werwolves gonna show up? Where has the resurected Heric been hiding the last three episodes?

    • It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. I think the new werewolves are due back imminently, I’m certainly looking forward to seeing Herrick’s return whenever that may be.

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