Baker Boys.

BBC One Wales, 9pm, Sundays.

There’s a tv gem that’s currently going unnoticed by most of the population. The reason? It’s being shown on BBC One Wales. I don’t know whether there are any plans to show it to the rest of the UK at any point, but it doesn’t matter – anyone can access it using BBC iPlayer or by watching it on the BBC One Wales channel on their digi boxes (if they have one). The first episode of three aired last Sunday, so now is a great time to catch up.

The drama is set in a small town in South Wales, most of its residents are employed by the local factory Valley Bara. The close knit community is hit hard when the economic downturn means the factory is closed down over night. With most people’s income reliant on the factory how will they survive without it?

The cast boasts a number of great actors, Eve Myles and Mark Lewis Jones are probably the two most familiar faces. Younger viewers may also be familiar with Cara Readle who apparently used to be in Tracey Beaker. I’m finding Mark Lewis Jones’ portrayal of the long time union man Pete particularly watchable.

I’d strongly recommend giving this one a go, it definitely deserves a wider audience.



3 thoughts on “Baker Boys.

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  2. Sounds like it would be one to watch. Will have a look out for it. Folks with Sky would be able to find though, wouldn’t they?

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