Are you ready for Being Human?

Sundays, BBC Three, 9pm

In a little over 24 hours Being Human will be returning to our screens for a much anticipated third series. I’m really excited about this, and based on all of the tweets I’ve been seeing on the topic I’m far from being alone. If you haven’t been watching and fancy a quick catch up, the brilliant BBC Being Human website has a catch up guide, though I think you’d be far better watching the episodes!

So what am I looking forward to about the third series?

  • Annie’s story – at the end of series two we saw Annie dragged through one of the mysterious doors before appearing on a tv screen to explain she was trapped. The brilliant Annie Broadcasts have explained a bit more about where she is, but how will the others get her back?
  • George and Nina – I loved seeing Nina become a firm part of the group over the course of series two, I’m looking forward to seeing how the relationship between her and George develops.
  • Herrick – The closing scenes of series two showed Herrick being resurrected. What mischief will his return bring?
  • Guest stars – There has been lots of discussion about the actors who will appearing in the new series, including Robson Green, Michael Sorcha and Lacey Turner. I’m looking forward to seeing what their characters will be like and how they’ll influence things.

Are you looking forward to tomorrow night’s first episode? What are you most looking forward to seeing in the new series? I’ll be back each week with my thoughts about each episode, look forward to seeing you there!



3 thoughts on “Are you ready for Being Human?

  1. I *am* excited! Really looking forward to tomorrow night, especially for the focus on Annie, and seeing how Robson Green and Lacey Turner are introduced. I’ve heard there’s a bit more humour than series 2, which I hope is true. Fab post!

    • I keep hearing there’s lot of good stuff to come this series so I’m sure we won’t be disappointed. They’ve certainly brought in some quality names as extra characters.

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