My TV Week

This week I have mainly been watching….

Glee Season 2, episode 2 “Britney/Brittany” (E4, Mondays, 9pm)


Thankfully I enjoyed this week’s episode (see here for synopsis) a lot more than last week’s season opener. It was fun to see Brittany S. Pierce (see what they did there?) take a more prominent role – wow, Heather Morris can DANCE. There were some great lines (my favourites below) and I’m happy to see Emma back, along with new boyfriend Carl, played by John Stamos. Hubba. However! I do have a few issues with this episode. I’m not that keen when the musical numbers are a straight copy of the original video (Brittany doing “I’m a Slave 4 U”, Rachel doing “Hit Me Baby One More Time” etc) – I prefer it when there’s a bit of a twist, as with Artie performing “Stronger” (even if it was cheesier than an explosion in the Wotsits factory), or when it’s a straight New Directions interpretation, like their performance of “Toxic”. Also, how annoying was Mr Schue this week? GOD. And I know we don’t watch Glee for intricate storylines but come on, a bit more plot would be nice.

Lastly, Britney’s cameo was so insubstantial they may as well not have bothered.

Favourite lines:

“How can you get caught between the moon and New York City? They’re like a hundred miles apart” – Finn

“The other day he made me buy the green grapes and the red grapes at the market, and then we just mixed them together in a bowl and we just ate them. It was madness! Sheer madness” – Emma

“I don’t brush my teeth, I just rinse with soda after I eat. I was pretty sure Dr. Pepper was a dentist.” – Brittany

“This room looks like the one on that spaceship where I got probed” – Brittany

“I’m actually kind of happy about it. Then I don’t have to fantasize about what song I’d sing at your bedside if you were in a coma” – Rachel (On Finn not being in the football team)

Episodes (BBC2, Mondays 10pm)


Now, I originally intended to write about this after the first episode last week. But, having watched said first episode I was unimpressed, and grumpy about it, so I thought I’d spare you all a miserable post and watch the second episode before committing my opinions to the internet. And now, after having watched the second episode…..I still think it’s rubbish. Well, ok, maybe ‘rubbish’ is a bit harsh. Tamsin Grieg and Stephen Mangan are great, and I like the premise. I love Matt Leblanc, but it feels like the writers haven’t decided if his character (a version of himself) is meant to be likeable or a complete arse, and he seems constrained and uncomfortable in the role. And it’s just not funny – I wasn’t expecting it to render me helpless with mirth but I laughed perhaps once in the first episode and not at all in the second. So the upshot is I’m STILL grumpy about it. Harumph.

10 O’Clock Live (Channel 4, Thursdays, 10pm)


Channel 4’s new weekly live comedy ‘n’ current affairs show started last night, and on the whole I thought it got off to a very promising start. I loved David Mitchell’s take on Jeremy Hunt’s plans for local TV news and Charlie Brooker’s ‘Sarah Palin for beginners’. Mitchell’s tackling of David Willetts on university fees bodes well for his future encounters with politicians, I think, and the presenters seem to have an easy chemistry with each other. Rather less successful was the ‘World News Now’ section, which fell flat, and Lauren Laverne seemed to be falling into the ‘token bird’ role with not much to do. I’m not Jimmy Carr’s biggest fan but as he’s not the main focus he was bearable. I hope that having got the first show under their belts they’ll be a bit less nervous next week – if they can relax into their groove I think the show will appear less hectic. There’s been a lot of comment online about the wisdom of scheduling the show against Newsnight and Question Time, but I do hope it holds its own.

What have you been watching?


5 thoughts on “My TV Week

  1. Fabulous round up, particularly of Glee. I do think “cheesier than an explosion in the Wotsits factory” may be the best thing I’ve read all week!

  2. I missed a great chunk of Glee, but you missed my two favourite lines! “Finn can fly?!” and “You wear more vests than the cast of Blossom.” 🙂

    I did laugh in the second episode of Episodes, but I liked it less than the first. I’m going to stick with it (I actually really like that American producer woman with the bobbed hair and the funny nose), but my expectations and very low.

    Totally agree with you on 10 o’clock Live. And the WNN thing was incredibly cringey.

    • There were loads of great quotes from that episode – right at the start I loved how Brittany (and Finn) thought Christopher Cross discovered America!

      Re Episodes, I don’t think I can sit through any more (although I’m sure I’ll still be keen to know what happens). I really wish I liked it more 😦

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