Community: Tuesdays, 10pm, TMF/Viva (a guest review)

I’ve been meaning to write a review of Community for weeks, but for some reason when I try to write about it all that comes out is OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH IT SHOULD BE ON EVERYDAY AND NEVER END. Not exactly informative, I think you’ll agree. So, my lovely husband Mike has written a review – here it is:

Mike’s Review:

A largely undiscovered gem floating around our tv channels at the moment is US comedy Community. At present you can only catch it on freeview TMF (otherwise known as Viva), a channel the Radio Times refuses to even acknowledge the existence of! Is there some bitter feud going on I haven’t been told about?

Community centres around a group of misfit students of varying ages and their adventures in a community college in Colorado. The centre point is Jeff (Joel McHale*), a suspended lawyer forced back into school to get his college degree. When Jeff’s attempt to exploit both his connections with the staff and chat up neurotic ex-anarchist Britta (Gillian Jacobs) backfire he finds himself as part of a Spanish study group. Along with Jeff and Britta we have Pierce (Chevy Chase – yes, he’s still alive!) a pompous retired moist-towelette tycoon, Abed (Danny Pudi) an ubergeek film student, Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) a fiery recently divorced mother attending college for the first time, Troy (Donald Glover) a high school footballer prematurely retired due to injury, and Annie (Alison Brie) a pretty but uptight nerd.

Community isn’t a side-splitting, cry-tears-of-laughter-style comedy, more constantly amusing with snappy dialogue following the trouble Jeff’s attempts at scamming and shortcuts get him into. What makes Community really work though is the fact that all the supporting characters are strong, interesting and amusing in their own right (the cast are all fantastic). There’s also a real feeling of warmth underscoring every scene.  As I was pondering this review it occurred to me how in many ways it reminds me of a slightly gentler version of Cheers. Jeff’s attempts to get in with Britta remind me of Sam’s chasing of Diane and then Rebecca, Pierce’s pompous and slightly desperate need to appear an expert on all matters is very Cliff Claven, and it shows that a bunch of misfits thrust together often bring the best out of each other in an unsentimental way. Cheers is one of my all time favourite comedies by the way, so comparison is meant as a high compliment.

Recently Community has been commissioned for a second series, so fingers crossed it will soon gain a broader following over here. Now I just need to call in the negotiators to broker a peace deal between TMF and the Radio Times… 

 *Note from Anne-Marie: I have developed a bit of a ‘thing’ for Joel McHale. He’s yummy.


One thought on “Community: Tuesdays, 10pm, TMF/Viva (a guest review)

  1. Good to see something from my lovely son-in-law again. Dad & I were also ‘Cheers’ devotees so we’ll certainly give ‘Community’ a go.

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