Square-eyed girl


Ah, autumn*, season of mists and mellow fruitfulness….and TV schedules crammed with stuff I want to watch. Here’s a list of what I’m watching at the moment:

  • Strictly (obviously)
  • It Takes Two (which I record as I don’t get home until 7.30pm)
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Nigella Kitchen
  • Mad Men
  • Community
  • Ugly Betty
  • True Blood
  • The Event
  • Giles & Sue Live the Good Life
  • The Trip
  • Nigel Slater’s Simple Suppers
  • The Mentalist

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something….Thank god Spooks and Downton Abbey have just finished! It’s funny, isn’t it, how once I’d typed that list my natural instinct was to apologise for it, to offer some kind of excuse or explanation for why I watch so much television. Why? What’s wrong with putting ‘watching television’ under ‘interests’ on a CV, when there’s nothing wrong with writing ‘going to the cinema’?. If I watched a film or went to the theatre every night I’d be thought of as cultured and sophisticated, but it’s not the same for television, which is mad – there are bad plays and films, just the same as there are bad TV programmes. That quote from Martha Beck up there under the header just says it perfectly – for the relative pittance that is the TV Licence I can be transported to different countries, other time periods, watch Usain Bolt obliterate world records, be moved to tears and be rendered helpless with laughter (Joan Rivers on Graham Norton, anyone?). Yes, I do wish schedulers would spread the bounty a little – summer’s a barren wasteland because they think we’re all off having fabulous exotic holidays and quaffing chilled Chablis on our patios, whereas now my digital recorder is groaning at the seams (seams? You know what I mean). And I suppose I could decide not to let it bother me if I miss an episode of a favourite show. But watch less television? Don’t be silly. My name is Anne-Marie, and I’m a telly addict. And that’s ok.

*yes, yes, I know, it’s winter now, but atumn/winter just doesn’t scan.



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