The Event: Fridays, 9pm, Channel 4

Twenty five minutes in to the first episode of The Event, I was feeling rather weary. With a timeline jumping all over the shop and characters being introduced every other minute I was confused, and, to be honest, a little bit bored. Oh no, I thought, it’s FlashForward all over again. I wasn’t sure I could be bothered with the second episode, but Mike seemed keen and it’s got Laura Innes (KERRY WEAVER!) in it, so we persevered. I’m glad we did – episode 2 was much better, with more time given to building the mystery behind the disappearance of Sean Walker’s wife Leila and the connection to a group of aliens (who so far look exactly like humans, as, apparently their DNA only differs from ours by 1%), and the C.I.A. It’s got a great cast, including the aforementioned Innes, Zeljko Ivanek (so good in Damages) and Blair Underwood* as the President. I’m hoping it continues in this vein and doesn’t start to scramble my poor brain too much! Did any of you watch it? What did you think?

*My friend Bea used to call him ‘Blair Blair Underwear’ when he was in LA Law 😉


4 thoughts on “The Event: Fridays, 9pm, Channel 4

  1. I liked the first ep but the second ep blew my mind and thought the third was great, too. I’m not saying I love it as much as Damages, and it clearly wants to be the new Lost/24/something with aliens, but I’m intrigued to see how it all comes together. It surprised and made me jump a few times (enough that my mum wants to watch it now). I think Jason Ritter’s a very likeable hero, and the rest of the cast’s great too.

  2. I caught up with the third episode last night and loved it, I definitely hope it’s going to continue in this vein. I also hope Channel 4 don’t start mucking around with the scheduling…….

  3. I didn’t watch it because a couple of people I know and whose opinions I trust told me it was a load of rubbish. Also because I too was afraid of the Flash Forward effect (how awful was that?)

    Now I kind of wish I had. Maybe I will another time.

    • Ha! Yes, I still shudder at the utter crap that was FlashForward. It’s really not in the same league – The Event has better acting and dialogue, for a start. Of course it *is* silly and far-fetched, but it’s very well done.

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