My So-Called Life Re-watched: Episode 10, Other People’s Mothers

OMFG: (oops, wrong show!) we’re more than halfway through this project, people. Which is sad. WHY DIDN”T THEY MAKE MORE?! *rends garments*

Totally not relevant to this episode. But pretty.

But it’s also kinda great, because we’re getting to the really good stuff now. This episode was super: snappy, sharp, and revealing a lot of stuff about the characters’ backgrounds. I didn’t even care that the Jordan—Angela storyline got no screen time whatsoever. MSCL is at its poignant best when it portrays complicated family relationships (with no easy answers). And the scenes with Angela and her mom? Top-notch. The show does its favourite trick of mirroring storylines, but here it doesn’t feel forced. (Despite the trauma, it’s a much more enjoyable and accomplished ep than the daddy issues one, for example.)

@Keris, @cloverness and I watched it today at 1PM, and tweeted as we went.

Some snippets:

@cloverness What does your fridge say about you?

@Keris Oh I love Danielle. “Am I allowed to have a feeling in this house?”

@dianeshipley Your daughter’s drunk on the floor so you yell at her and go on a date? Interesting parenting strategy.

See what else we said. (You know you want to.)

Some other MSCL links:

A young woman transforms herself into Jared Leto. Kinda depressing to see how pretty you need to be to pull this off, no? But if you are that pretty, Halloween = sorted. (Thanks to Robyn for the tip.)

— The AV Club (hi! I want to write for you, pls! — That should convince ’em, right?) recapped half (?) of MSCL in 2008. Here’s what they said about this episode and the next (but maybe don’t read that if you haven’t seen the ep…) It’s good stuff.

Next time: Life of Brian

I have an appointment I can’t get out of next Tuesday, so let’s aim for the week after, shall we? Check the hashtag #MSCLRW for updates and/or to read our re-watching thoughts.

Have you seen this episode? What did you think?

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