Dancing With the Stars Week 3: Watch, Friday, 9pm

This week’s Dancing With the Stars was Story Week, which meant the dances had to tell a story and props were also allowed. I didn’t have very high hopes – I suspected it might be très cheesy.

Jennifer Grey was first out, doing a samba, playing a sexy teacher. Cheesy, yes, but there’s something about the way she moves, particularly her legs, that is just gorgeous and a bit thrilling. She made quite a big mistake, but it didn’t really matter. I loved it and the judges did too.

Florence Henderson waltzed to Edelweiss. The story was basically Maria and the Captain. It was okay until the end, when Corky went in for a proper snog, which was just unnecessary (he snogged Cloris Leachman as well, didn’t he? I wonder if he thinks he’s giving these poor women the thrill of their lives). The dance wasn’t at all smooth (as Bruno pointed out) and it was pretty tentative. “It was poignant, it was emotional, it was sweet,” Len said, “but the technique in your feet is non-existent.” I completely agreed. The audience did not.

Kurt Warner’s foxtrot story was ‘A Bad Day’. I didn’t like the choreography – it seemed disjointed and it made me feel nervous, like he didn’t know his steps. The judges really loved it though, so it must have just been me. But I do like Kurt – he’s so charming and charismatic.

Margaret Cho was samba-ing to Copacabana, so I had to love it, right? Hmm. She looked under-rehearsed. She was a bit loose and out of control and she made a lot of mistakes. I also wasn’t sure what the story actually was. “I think you lost your way out of the Copa. You had too many drinks, my darling,” Bruno said. Margaret said the story was about coming out and having pride when people are criticising you. She said her dancing was out of control because it was “so gay” that she couldn’t contain herself. In the post-dance interview, she said, “This is a difficult time for the gay community. A lot of gay teenagers have committed suicide, so we want this to end now.” “Let’s get your scores!” said Brooke, slightly hysterically.

The story for Audrina Patridge’s waltz was a wife waiting for her military husband and dreaming about dancing with him. It was pretty, but not emotional enough for me. She’s no actress and she has a very blank face. The judges didn’t agree with me (again) though. Len called it “the most touching dance of the night.” Audrina dedicated it, somewhat vaguely, to the troops, which I expected, but which I still found irritatingly manipulative. They got two 9s though, so what do I know?

Bristol Palin’s foxtrot looked like they were marking it. It was really slow. As Carrie said, she moves beautifully, but there was no real performance. Bruno said her execution was neat, but she has to feel it. (There’s still little sign of her having any personality, so that could well be the problem.) Her partner, Mark Ballas, seems very protective of her though, which is sweet to see.

In training, Maks had a beard. It was yummy. Brandy was obviously worried about how she’d come across last week – argumentative and disrespectful of her partner. This week in the VT she worked hard to show that’s not the case and, from the judges comments, went too far the other way. Their samba story was that he was her bodyguard and she seduced him. I don’t blame her. Len liked the dance, but had quite a go at Maks, saying that a body guard should be protective and Maks didn’t seem at all protective of Brandy on or off the dancefloor. He mentioned a bit in the VT, when Maks smacked Brandy on the bum, but it seemed playful to me. Even Carrie said, “I don’t condone that kind of teaching, but it worked.” I bet Maks was annoyed – I would have been – but he seemed okay.

I love Kyle Massey and this week Lacey wanted to use the waltz to show his romantic side. The story was a “meet cute” at a coffee shop and, oh my god, I loved it. I don’t know what it is about him, but when I watch him dance, I can’t stop smiling. “You just bring the fun to the floor,” Carrie Ann said, adding that she giggles when he dances. I do too. Len said Kyle’s footwork was atrocious, but you know what? I don’t care.

The story for The Situation’s foxtrot was a time machine. I was thinking it should have taken them back to the 80s, where he looks like he’s come from, but no. It was futuristic. And it was terrible. His dancing has improved, but it’s still awful. It made me think of Christopher Parker on Strictly. And that ain’t good. “If that’s the future, I’m glad I live in the past,” Len said. He also said he admires The Situation because he is trying so hard and listening to Karina, which is a good point, but so was “If you were dancing in my back yard, I’d have to draw the curtains.”

Rick Fox’s samba made me grin too. He really acted it and it was sexy. Gratuitous and blatant use of his chest, but still. Cool. Eliza Dushku was there for the second week running, so I googled: they’re a couple. Me and the husband are both a bit jealous.

At the end of the show, Audrina and Tony were top and Margaret and Louis were bottom.

The results show followed and I’m afraid I couldn’t be bothered to watch, although I did watch long enough to see that the judges chose The Situation to reprise his dance. Yikes.

It was Margaret who went home, which was a shame, but probably fair.


4 thoughts on “Dancing With the Stars Week 3: Watch, Friday, 9pm

  1. Oh nooo, I really wanted her to stay in and get better, but you just can’t afford to not improve, can you? I’ll have to catch up on Youtube again.

    Made me laugh that you said Audrina’s no actress, ‘cos she’s trying to be. Of course, if she was succeeding, she probably wouldn’t be on DWTS. 😉

    • Lord, is she? I keep meaning to google what she actually does, but I can’t really bring myself to care. Maybe it was just me being grumpy – watch it and let me know what you think.

      • You know she was on The Hills, right? (Always going out with useless men who messed her around, and basically being bland.) I will take a look, though.

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