Nigella Kitchen: BBC2, Thursday, 8pm

As far as Nigella is concerned you can’t have too much food. I tend to agree (although ask me that after I’ve just eaten a Sunday roast and you might get a different reply). I judge food programmes on whether they make me hungry, and boy this one did! Roast seafood? Yum. ‘Praise’ Chicken? Looked delicious. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake? I DIE.

Seriously, I was drooling so much at this point the ink on my notes went all blurry. Of course they’re still selling the Nigella Sex Goddess angle –  at one point she was stirring something saucy whist wearing a slinky black satin dressing gown, and described the said cheesecake as having “a hint of inner thigh wibble”. It’s ridiculous now, really – yes, Nigella is a beautiful woman, but it does feel a bit old hat now – I just want to scream at the production team “YES, WE KNOW SHE’S SEXY, AND SHE LIKES FAIRY LIGHTS IN HER KITCHEN!” (of course it’s not her actual kitchen).

Still, the food looks amazing and I find Nigella an enaging presenter so I’ll be watching again. I’ll also be thanking the stars above that Mike doesn’t have a sweet tooth so there’s no point in me making that cheesecake…..



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