My TV week

I will talk about what I’ve watched this week in this post eventually,  but first there’s some news that requires all caps (you have been warned): SKY HAVE PINCHED MAD MEN FROM THE BBC. I am so FURIOUS I can hardly see my computer screen through the red mist of rage. HOW DARE THEY? Yes, I *know* that they can pay more than dear old Auntie but that doesn’t make it right! *weeps*

{fabulous poster by Stanley Chow}

Anyway. This week I have been enjoying Masterchef: the Professionals, mainly because I love Michel Roux Jnr. I also love shouting at the telly whenever Gregg Wallace speaks – really, what is the point of that man? I also watched Whites, the new sitcom with Alan Davies on BBC2. I quite liked it – it’s very much in the current fashion of not trying too hard for laughs (see Rev, which was brilliant, or Him and Her, which was not), but the characters are affectionately drawn and I did chuckle a couple of times. Plus Katherine Parkinson’s in it, and I think she’s ace. Continuing on the foodie theme I’m looking forward to catching up with Nigella’s latest offering, and I hope to get a review posted this weekend.

Tonight sees the return of Strictly Come Dancing (properly – I have decided not to count the launch show), so I’ll be glued to the sofa with a glass of wine, and twitter, hoping for some great stuff to fill the post I’m going to write on Sunday………


4 thoughts on “My TV week

  1. THANK YOU for reminding me that Strictly starts tonight. I’d completely forgotten.

    I don’t watch Mad Men, but did you see Chris Addison’s tweet? He said “ironically, the one thing that would ruin Mad Men is adverts.” True.

    I quite liked Whites too. Will definitely watch again next week. I’m not sure about Katherine Parkinson though – she’s been the same in everything I’ve seen her in.

    • Yes I saw that tweet and completely agree! Re Katherine Parkinson – yes she’s exactly the same in everything she’s in but I still like her 😉

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