Dancing With the Stars Results Show: Watch, Friday, 9pm

Oh results shows. You are so tedious. Even lovely Tom Bergeron clearly agrees. At the “top” of the show (oh yeah, I’ve got the lingo) the four lowest scorers stood on the stage. The Situation, Margaret Cho, David Hasselhoff and… someone else. A couple of them were safe, a couple of them weren’t. But they weren’t necessarily the bottom two and one of them wouldn’t necessarily be going home, “But you’ll have to wait and see,” Tom said. “Because we’ve got an hour to fill!” Indeed.

So there was a performance by Santana. And then another two contestants were safe. And then there was a performance by Daughtrey. And another two. More Santanta. Some India Arie. More Santanta. More Daughtrey. Santana + Daughtrey + Arie. The only upside of this (if you have no interest in Santana playing songs from his new CD Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time accompanied by Daughtrey and/or Arie – and I don’t) is that the pro dancers came out each time.

Now I love the Strictly pro dancers (of course, apart from Brendan, the ones I love the most are no longer on the bloody show), but I really do think the DWTS pros are in a different league. They are phenom.

Anyway, finally – FINALLY – we had the final six. And this one was safe and that one was safe and The Situation was safe – which I was disappointed about because he so should’ve been the first one out – and then we were left with fabulous Kyle and not-so-fabulous David Hasselhoff. I was worried, but really I knew. It was off with The Hoff.

Clearly, he was never going to be a great dancer, but I did expect him to be entertaining so it was a bit of a shame. Disappointing to know that the American public no longer loves Michael Knight. Maybe he should go and do the German version…


6 thoughts on “Dancing With the Stars Results Show: Watch, Friday, 9pm

  1. I’m over the Hoff, so I’m happy for him to go, but gah, I’m disappointed about Margaret Cho. (Also: rhymy!) She’s used to live performances, plays the guitar so isn’t totally lacking in musical ability, and you’d think she’d have given it a bit of welly. Pah. I’ll have to look up some of the performances on Youtube. (I can’t believe how long they drag out the results show btw — I guess that’s ad-funded TV for ya.)

    • Her performance was really bad, Diane. I think they might heed the judges’ advice and try to take it seriously in future weeks. But even without the so-called jokes, I think her dancing could go either way.

  2. Wow, that sounds like a lot of padding! I think The Situation (gah, I even hated typing that name) will go fairly soon. The Hoff really was just so bad I can’t say I’m surprised he went. He isn’t really likeable, I think – although yes, in Germany he is almost God!

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